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+NNChat requires a curses library, preferably ncurses. It is also possible
+to compile NNChat for Windows via MinGW and use PDCurses instead, but this
+includes certain complexities in build process (see Makefile.w32)
+1) Edit Makefile (optional)
+2) make / gmake
+3) ./nnchat --help
+There is no real installation step, you can manually copy the resulting
+binary to /usr/local if you wish:
+$ sudo install -m 755 nnchat /usr/local/bin
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-NNChat - extremely simple NN chat applet compatible client
-Written and designed by Anonymous Finnish Guy
-(C) Copyright 2008-2011 Anonymous Finnish Guy
-Distributed under DWETFYWTPL (Do What Ever The Fuck You Want
-To Public License), see file COPYING for more information.
-What is this?
-A simple NCurses-based client compatible with chatroom
-protocol. There is a basic line-editing interface with some bells and
-whistles, such as a input history, logging to file, ignore lists,
-persistent configuration, etc.
-The original Flash-based chat client can be accessed through NN website:
-See the help, 'nnchat --help' for available command line options. By
-default the client connects to main room (TCP port 8005). By using
-other ports (option -p) you can connect to "passion pit" (8003).
-Connect as registered user to members only chat:
-> nnchat username password
-Connect as guest to free for all main chat:
-> nnchat -p 8003 AnonymousAndy ""
-You can also leave out the username and password from the commandline,
-NNChat will prompt for those if necessary.
-arrow left/right  - Move cursor in the current buffer.
-arrow up/down     - Browse input history.
-ctrl+left/right   - Move cursor through words.
-ins               - Toggle between insert and overwrite modes.
-del               - Delete one character at cursor position.
-backspace         - Delete one character left to the cursor position.
-tab(ulator)       - Try to complete a username. For example "an<tab>"
-                    would check the userlist for usernames beginning with
-                    "an" and replace this with the first match. Subsequent
-                    tab-keypresses will "cycle" around other matches.
-F2                - Clear current edit buffer.
-F5                - Toggle ignore mode on/off.
-F7                - Clear current PRV target, if any.
-F8                - Toggle private chat mode on/off.
-F9                - Quit.
-ctrl+L            - Refresh/redraw screen.
-/to <user>        - Set target for private chat. Example: "/to foobar"
-                    will set target to user "foobar". After this, pressing
-                    function key F8 will toggle between private mode and
-                    public. Private chat mode is indicated by "username>"
-                    on the input line.
-/ignore [user]    - Toggle user to/from ignore. "/ignore" without specified
-                    username will list users currently on the ignore list.
-                    When ignore mode is ENABLED (via function key F5),
-                    no messages or actions from users on the list will be
-                    displayed. However, they will go into log file, if
-                    logging is active.
-/color <color>    - Changes your current user color visible to OTHER people
-                    using the regular NN chat. Of course, this does not
-                    affect this client in any way, as user colors are
-                    ignored.
-/save             - Save current configuration (username, password, etc.)
-                    Notice that this may be a risk, if your computer
-                    has several users as just starting the client will
-                    automatically log into the chat with your username and
-                    password!
-/who              - Lists all users on the chat currently.
-NNChat requires a curses library, preferably ncurses. It is
-also possible to compile NNChat for Windows via MinGW and use
-PDCurses instead, but this includes certain complexities in
-build process (see Makefile.w32)
-1) Edit Makefile (optional)
-2) make / gmake
-3) ./nnchat --help