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XMMS-SID - SIDPlay input plugin for X MultiMedia System (XMMS)
ccr/TNSP sends his most sincere thanks and greetings to following
people, who have directly or indirectly involved in development
of XMMS-SID plugin:

Willem Monsuwe
	Original author of XMMS-SID, until v0.4.

Michael Schwendt
	Creator of libSIDPlay and general SID-guru.

Simon White, Dag Lem et all
	Creators and developers of libSIDPlay2 and reSID.

Antti Lankila, Leandro 'drfiemost' Nini et all
	libSIDPlayFP and reSID-FP, based on libSIDPlay2 and reSID.

Gerfried 'Alfie' Fuchs
	Ex-Debian packager for XMMS-SID.

Andreas 'mrsid' Varga
	Author of SIDPLAY for Mac OS X for few ideas.

For complete greetings and extra thanks, please
view XMMS-SID's "about" dialog.