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# German translations for XMMS-SID package.
# Copyright (C) 2007 Tecnic Software productions (TNSP)
# This file is distributed under the same license as the XMMS-SID package.
# Gerfried Fuchs <>, 2006.
msgid ""
msgstr ""
"Project-Id-Version: XMMS-SID 0.8.0beta17\n"
"POT-Creation-Date: 2013-12-28 13:22+0200\n"
"PO-Revision-Date: 2007-03-12 18:48+0100\n"
"Last-Translator: Gerfried Fuchs <>\n"
"Language-Team: German <>\n"
"Language: de\n"
"MIME-Version: 1.0\n"
"Content-Type: text/plain; charset=UTF-8\n"
"Content-Transfer-Encoding: 8bit\n"
"Plural-Forms: nplurals=2; plural=(n != 1);\n"

#: src/xmms-sid.c:130
msgid "Attention!"
msgstr ""

#: src/xmms-sid.c:131
msgid ""
"It seems you haven't yet configured XMMS-SID plugin, or the configuration is "
"from another version. Opening the configuration dialog for it now."
msgstr ""

#: src/xmms-sid.c:735
msgid "Subtune Control"
msgstr "Untertitel-Kontrolle"

#: src/xs_config.c:286 src/xs_config.c:294 src/xs_config.c:321
msgid "Error"
msgstr ""

#: src/xs_config.c:287
msgid ""
"You have selected libSIDPlayFP backend, but not set the C64 ROM images "
msgstr ""

#: src/xs_config.c:295
#, c-format
msgid "The C64 ROM images directory path '%s' is not a directory.\n"
msgstr ""

#: src/xs_config.c:322
#, c-format
msgid ""
"Could not load the required C64 ROM image files from '%s'.\n"
"Following files could not be found: %s."
msgstr ""

#: src/xs_config.c:442
msgid " Error"
msgstr ""

#: src/xs_config.c:442 src/xs_interface.c:1616 src/xs_interface.c:2596
msgid "OK"
msgstr "OK"

#: src/xs_config.c:1286 src/xs_config.c:1335
msgid "Warning"
msgstr ""

#: src/xs_config.c:1287
#, c-format
msgid "Selected HVSC path '%s' does not seem like a path, adjusting to '%s'.\n"
msgstr ""

#: src/xs_config.c:1336
#, c-format
msgid "Selected ROM path '%s' does not seem like a path, adjusting to '%s'.\n"
msgstr ""

#: src/xs_fileinfo.c:236
msgid "General info"
msgstr "Allgemeine Informationen"

#: src/xs_fileinfo.c:251
#, c-format
msgid "Tune #%i: "
msgstr "Lied #%i: "

# XXX - is %s the pixmap file, or the error message?
#: src/xs_glade.c:121
#, c-format
msgid "Couldn't find pixmap file: %s"
msgstr "Bild-Datei konnte nicht gefunden werden: %s"

# XXX - is %s the pixmap file, or the error message?
#: src/xs_glade.c:130
#, c-format
msgid "Error loading pixmap file: %s"
msgstr "Bild-Datei konnte nicht geladen werden: %s"

#: src/xs_interface.c:203
msgid "XMMS-SID configuration"
msgstr "XMMS-SID-Konfiguration"

#: src/xs_interface.c:240
msgid "Resolution:"
msgstr "Auflösung:"

#: src/xs_interface.c:258
msgid "8-bit"
msgstr "8-Bit"

#: src/xs_interface.c:267
msgid "16-bit"
msgstr "16-Bit"

#: src/xs_interface.c:276
msgid "Channels:"
msgstr "Kanäle:"

#: src/xs_interface.c:294
msgid "Mono"
msgstr "Mono"

#: src/xs_interface.c:303
msgid "Stereo"
msgstr "Stereo"

#: src/xs_interface.c:312
msgid "Autopanning"
msgstr ""

#: src/xs_interface.c:321
msgid "Samplerate:"
msgstr "Abtastrate:"

#: src/xs_interface.c:354
msgid "Hz"
msgstr "Hz"

#: src/xs_interface.c:370
msgid "Audio"
msgstr "Audio"

#: src/xs_interface.c:394
msgid "Clock speed:"
msgstr "Taktrate:"

#: src/xs_interface.c:412
msgid "Force speed"
msgstr "Takt vorschreiben"

#: src/xs_interface.c:419
msgid ""
"If enabled, this option \"forces\" the emulation engine to use the selected "
"clock speed/frequency. Otherwise the speed is determined from played file "
msgstr ""
"Falls diese Option aktiviert ist, wird der Emulationsmaschine "
"»vorgeschrieben«, die gewählte Taktrate/Frequenz zu verwenden. Anderenfalls "
"wird die Geschwindigkeit von der abgespielten Datei selbst festgelegt."

#: src/xs_interface.c:421
msgid "PAL (50 Hz)"
msgstr "PAL (50 Hz)"

#: src/xs_interface.c:429
msgid ""
"PAL is the european TV standard, which uses 50Hz vertical refresh frequency. "
"Most of SID-tunes have been made for PAL computers."
msgstr ""
"PAL ist der europäische TV-Standard, der eine vertikale Wiederholfrequenz "
"von 50 Hz verwendet. Der Großteil der SID-Lieder wurde für PAL-Rechner "

#: src/xs_interface.c:431
msgid "NTSC (60 Hz)"
msgstr "NTSC (60 Hz)"

#: src/xs_interface.c:439
msgid ""
"NTSC is the TV standard with 60Hz vertical refresh rate (and other features "
"that differ from PAL). It is mainly used in United States, Japan and certain "
"other countries."
msgstr ""
"NTSC ist der TV-Standard mit einer vertikalen Wiederholfrequenz von 60 Hz "
"(und anderen Fähigkeiten, die ihn von PAL unterscheiden). Er wird "
"hauptsächlich in den vereinigten Staaten, Japan und bestimmten anderen "
"Ländern verwendet."

#: src/xs_interface.c:441
msgid "SID model:"
msgstr "SID-Modell:"

#: src/xs_interface.c:459
msgid "Force model"
msgstr "Modell vorschreiben"

#: src/xs_interface.c:466
msgid ""
"If enabled, this option \"forces\" the emulation engine to use the selected "
"SID-chip model. Otherwise the preferred SID model is determined from the "
"file (if PSIDv2NG type) or if not available, this setting is used."
msgstr ""
"Falls diese Option aktiviert ist, wird der Emulationsmaschine "
"»vorgeschrieben«, das gewählte SID-Chip-Modell zu verwenden. Anderenfalls "
"wird das bevorzugte SID-Modell von der Datei festgelegt (falls es sich um "
"eine PSIDv2NG-Datei handelt), oder falls nicht verfügbar, diese Einstellung "

#: src/xs_interface.c:468
msgid "MOS 6581"
msgstr "MOS 6581"

#: src/xs_interface.c:476
msgid ""
"MOS/CSG 6581 is the earlier major version of SID chip. It differs from 8580 "
"in few ways, having much fuller filter (which, due to design error, is never "
"same between two different SID-chips) and has the \"volume adjustment bug\", "
"which enables playing of digital samples."
msgstr ""
"MOS/CSG 6581 ist die frühere Hauptversion des SID-Chips. Sie unterscheidet "
"sich von 8580 in einigen wenigen Dingen, hat einen volleren Filter (der, "
"wegen eines Design-Fehlers nie der selbe in zwei verschiedenen SID-Chips "
"ist) und hat den »Lautstärken-Anpassungsfehler«, der das Abspielen von "
"digitalen Samples ermöglicht."

#: src/xs_interface.c:478
msgid "MOS 8580"
msgstr "MOS 8580"

#: src/xs_interface.c:487
msgid "Emulation library selection:"
msgstr "Auswahl der Emulationsbibliothek:"

#: src/xs_interface.c:505
#, fuzzy
msgid "SIDPlay 1 (frame-based, fast, inaccurate)"
msgstr "SIDPlay 1 (Rahmen-basierend)"

#: src/xs_interface.c:513
msgid ""
"Use libSIDPlay 1.x emulation, faster but not so accurate. Good in most "
"cases, though."
msgstr ""
"libSIDPlay 1.x-Emulation verwenden, die schneller aber nicht so genau ist. "
"In den meisten Fällen ist das Ergebnis jedoch gut."

#: src/xs_interface.c:515
#, fuzzy
msgid "SIDPlay 2 (cycle-based, rather accurate)"
msgstr "SIDPlay 2 (Zyklen-basierend)"

#: src/xs_interface.c:523
#, fuzzy
msgid ""
"Use libSIDPlay 2.x emulation, which requires powerful CPU due to cycle-exact "
msgstr ""
"libSIDPlay 2.x-Emulation verwenden, die mehr Rechenleistung benötigt, da sie "
"eine genauere Emulation bietet."

#: src/xs_interface.c:525
msgid "SIDPlay FP (cycle-exact, very accurate, slow)"
msgstr ""

#: src/xs_interface.c:533
#, fuzzy
msgid ""
"Use libSIDPlayFP emulation, requires a high-end system due to accurate "
"simulation of filter and cycle-accurate emulation."
msgstr ""
"libSIDPlay 2.x-Emulation verwenden, die mehr Rechenleistung benötigt, da sie "
"eine genauere Emulation bietet."

#: src/xs_interface.c:535
msgid "Memory mode:"
msgstr "Speicher-Modus:"

#: src/xs_interface.c:553
msgid "Real C64 (SIDPlay 2 only)"
msgstr "Echter C64 (nur mit SIDPlay2)"

#: src/xs_interface.c:562
msgid "Bank switching"
msgstr "Bank-Umschaltung"

#: src/xs_interface.c:571
msgid "Transparent ROM"
msgstr "Transparentes ROM"

#: src/xs_interface.c:580
msgid "PlaySID environment"
msgstr "PlaySID-Umgebung"

#: src/xs_interface.c:589
msgid "Emu#1"
msgstr "Emu#1"

#: src/xs_interface.c:605
msgid "SIDPlay 2 options:"
msgstr "SIDPlay-2-Einstellungen:"

#: src/xs_interface.c:623
msgid "Optimization mode (faster, inaccurate)"
msgstr "Optimierungsmodus (schneller, ungenau)"

# XXX -- "which in downgrades"?
#: src/xs_interface.c:630
msgid ""
"This setting can be used to enable libSIDPlay2's \"optimization mode\", "
"which in downgrades the emulation from cycle-exact to something similar to "
"frame-exact. The result is lower CPU usage, but worse accuracy."
msgstr ""

#: src/xs_interface.c:632
#, fuzzy
msgid "reSID-FP-emulation"
msgstr "reSID-Emulation"

#: src/xs_interface.c:640
#, fuzzy
msgid ""
"reSID-FP is the heaviest and most accurate software SID-chip simulator based "
"on SID reverse-engineering, created by Dag Lem, Antti Lankila and others. It "
"is probably the closest thing to real SID available as software-only "
msgstr ""
"reSID ist der Software-SID-Chip-Simulator, der auf SID-Reverse-Engineering "
"basiert, von Dag Lem entwickelt. Es ist vermutlich unter den reinen Software-"
"Emulatoren am ähnlichsten zu einem einem echten SID."

#: src/xs_interface.c:642
msgid "reSID-emulation"
msgstr "reSID-Emulation"

#: src/xs_interface.c:650
msgid ""
"reSID is the software SID-chip simulator based on SID reverse-engineering, "
"created by Dag Lem. It is probably the closest thing to real SID available "
"as software-only emulation."
msgstr ""
"reSID ist der Software-SID-Chip-Simulator, der auf SID-Reverse-Engineering "
"basiert, von Dag Lem entwickelt. Es ist vermutlich unter den reinen Software-"
"Emulatoren am ähnlichsten zu einem einem echten SID."

#: src/xs_interface.c:652
msgid "HardSID"
msgstr "HardSID"

#: src/xs_interface.c:660
msgid ""
"HardSID is a EISA/PCI card for PC-compatibles, which can be fitted with a "
"real SID-chip. Software can be used to control the HardSID and combined with "
"software emulation of rest of C64 via libSIDPlay2 HardSID can be used to "
"achieve \"near 100%\" similarity to real C64. For more information, see "
msgstr ""
"HardSID ist eine EISA-/PCI-Karte für PC-kompatible Geräte, die mit einem "
"echtem SID-Chip ausgestattet werden kann. HardSID kann durch Software "
"gesteuert werden und gemeinsam mit der Software-Emulation des restlichen C64 "
"über libSIDPlay2 kann HardSID dazu verwendet werden, um eine »annähernd "
"100%ige« Ähnlichkeit zu einem echten C64 zu erreichen. Weitere Informationen "
"sind auf zu finden."

#: src/xs_interface.c:662
msgid "reSID sampling options:"
msgstr "SIDPlay-2-Einstellungen:"

#: src/xs_interface.c:680
msgid "Linear interpolation"
msgstr ""

#: src/xs_interface.c:688
msgid ""
"Uses linear interpolation between samples, yielding higher audio quality "
"with less sampling noise."
msgstr ""

#: src/xs_interface.c:690
msgid "Resampling (FIR)"
msgstr ""

#: src/xs_interface.c:698
msgid "High quality resampling with a FIR filter. CPU intensive."
msgstr ""

#: src/xs_interface.c:700
msgid "C64 Kernal/Basic/Chargen ROMs:"
msgstr ""

#: src/xs_interface.c:718
msgid "Path:"
msgstr ""

#: src/xs_interface.c:734 src/xs_interface.c:1199 src/xs_interface.c:1294
#: src/xs_interface.c:1346
msgid "Browse"
msgstr "Durchsuchen"

#: src/xs_interface.c:742
msgid "Emu#2"
msgstr "Emu#2"

#: src/xs_interface.c:759
msgid "Emulate filters"
msgstr "Filter emulieren"

#: src/xs_interface.c:766
msgid ""
"This option enables emulation of SID filter. The filter is an essential part "
"of SID's sound capacity, but accurate emulation of it may require quite much "
"CPU power. However, if filter emulation is disabled, tunes won't sound "
"authentic at all if they utilize the filter."
msgstr ""
"Diese Einstellung aktiviert die Emulation des SID-Filters. Der Filter ist "
"ein wesentlicher Bestandteil der Musikfähigkeiten des SID, jedoch könnte "
"eine genaue Emulation davon ziemlich viel Rechenleistung brauchen. Jedoch "
"werden mit deaktivierter Filter-Emulation die Musiken überhaupt nicht "
"authentisch klingen, falls sie den Filter verwenden."

#: src/xs_interface.c:785
msgid "FS"
msgstr "FS"

#: src/xs_interface.c:804
msgid "FM"
msgstr "FM"

#: src/xs_interface.c:823
msgid "FT"
msgstr "FT"

#: src/xs_interface.c:851
msgid "Reset values"
msgstr "Werte zurücksetzen"

#: src/xs_interface.c:859
msgid "SIDPlay1"
msgstr "SIDPlay1"

#: src/xs_interface.c:907
msgid "Export"
msgstr ""

#: src/xs_interface.c:917
msgid "Export all filters into a INI-format file."
msgstr ""

#: src/xs_interface.c:919
msgid "<- Use"
msgstr ""

#: src/xs_interface.c:929
msgid "Load and use the selected filter."
msgstr ""

#: src/xs_interface.c:931
msgid "Save"
msgstr ""

#: src/xs_interface.c:941
msgid "Save the currently edited filter."
msgstr ""

#: src/xs_interface.c:943
msgid "Import"
msgstr ""

#: src/xs_interface.c:953
msgid "Import a INI-format filter definition file."
msgstr ""

#: src/xs_interface.c:955
msgid "Delete"
msgstr ""

#: src/xs_interface.c:965
msgid "Delete the selected filter."
msgstr ""

#: src/xs_interface.c:967
msgid "New"
msgstr ""

#: src/xs_interface.c:977
msgid "Create a new filter."
msgstr ""

#: src/xs_interface.c:979
#, fuzzy
msgid "Filter:"
msgstr "Filter"

#: src/xs_interface.c:989
msgid "SIDPlay2"
msgstr "SIDPlay2"

#: src/xs_interface.c:997
msgid "Filters"
msgstr "Filter"

#: src/xs_interface.c:1013
msgid "Minimum playtime:"
msgstr "Minimale Spielzeit:"

#: src/xs_interface.c:1031
msgid "Play at least for specified time"
msgstr "Zumindest für angegebene Zeit spielen"

#: src/xs_interface.c:1038
msgid ""
"If enabled, the tune is played at least for the specified time, adding "
"silence to the end if necessary."
msgstr ""
"Falls aktiviert wird das Lied zumindest für die angegebene Zeit gespielt, "
"indem am Ende falls notwendig Stille hinzugefügt wird."

#: src/xs_interface.c:1048 src/xs_interface.c:1119 src/xs_interface.c:1542
msgid "Playtime:"
msgstr "Spielzeit:"

#: src/xs_interface.c:1066 src/xs_interface.c:1137 src/xs_interface.c:1560
msgid "seconds"
msgstr "Sekunden"

#: src/xs_interface.c:1075
msgid "Maximum playtime:"
msgstr "Maximale Spielzeit:"

#: src/xs_interface.c:1093
msgid "Play for specified time maximum"
msgstr "Maximal für angegebene Zeit spielen"

#: src/xs_interface.c:1100
msgid ""
"If enabled, tune is played until specified duration is reached (aka maximum "
msgstr ""
"Falls aktiviert wird das Lied abgespielt, bis die angegebene Zeit abgelaufen "
"ist (auch maximale Spielzeit genannt)."

#: src/xs_interface.c:1102
msgid "Only when song length is unknown"
msgstr "Nur, wenn die Liedlänge unbekannt ist"

#: src/xs_interface.c:1109
msgid ""
"If enabled, the maximum playtime is applied only if song/tune length is not "
msgstr ""
"Falls aktiviert wird die maximale Spielzeit nur verwendet, wenn die "
"Liedlänge unbekannt ist."

#: src/xs_interface.c:1146
msgid "Song length database:"
msgstr "Liedlängen-Datenbank:"

#: src/xs_interface.c:1164
msgid "Use XSIDPLAY-compatible database"
msgstr "XSIDPLAY-kompatible Datenbank verwenden"

#: src/xs_interface.c:1171
msgid ""
"This option enables using of XSIDPLAY compatible song length database. "
"(Refer to XMMS-SID documentation for more information)"
msgstr ""
"Diese Einstellung aktiviert die Verwendung einer XSIDPLAY-kompatiblen "
"Liedlänge-Datenbank. (In der XMMS-SID-Dokumentation sind weitere "
"Informationen enthalten."

#: src/xs_interface.c:1182
msgid "DB-file:"
msgstr "DB-Datei:"

#: src/xs_interface.c:1197
msgid "Database path and filename"
msgstr "Datenbankpfad und -dateiname"

#: src/xs_interface.c:1206
msgid "Browse for song length-database file"
msgstr "Nach Liedlängen-Datenbankdatei suchen"

#: src/xs_interface.c:1208
msgid "Songlength"
msgstr "Liedlänge"

#: src/xs_interface.c:1224
msgid "SID Tune Information List (STIL) database:"
msgstr "SID-Lied-Informationsliste (STIL) Datenbank:"

#: src/xs_interface.c:1242
msgid "Use STIL database"
msgstr "STIL-Datenbank verwenden"

#: src/xs_interface.c:1249
msgid ""
"If this option is enabled (and the database & HVSC settings below are "
"correctly set), XMMS-SID will use and display additional information from "
"STIL database when HVSC SIDs are played."
msgstr ""
"Falls diese Einstellung aktiviert ist (und die Datenbank- und HVSC-"
"Einstellungen unterhalb korrekt gesetzt sind), wird XMMS-SID weitere "
"Informationen der STIL-Datenbank verwenden und anzeigen, wenn HVSC-SID-"
"Lieder abgespielt werden."

#: src/xs_interface.c:1259
msgid "STIL file:"
msgstr "STIL-Datei:"

#: src/xs_interface.c:1283
msgid ""
"Path and filename of STIL database file (STIL.txt), usually found from "
"HVSC's DOCUMENTS-subdirectory."
msgstr ""
"Pfad und Dateiname der STIL-Datenbankdatei (STIL.txt), üblicherweise im "
"DOCUMENTS-Unterverzeichnis der HVSC."

#: src/xs_interface.c:1301
msgid "Browse for STIL-database file"
msgstr "Nach STIL-Datenbankdatei suchen"

#: src/xs_interface.c:1311
msgid "HVSC path:"
msgstr "HVSC-Pfad:"

#: src/xs_interface.c:1335
msgid ""
"Path to base-directory of your High Voltage SID Collection (HVSC), for "
"example /media/C64Music/"
msgstr ""
"Pfad zum Basis-Verzeichnis deiner High Voltage SID Collection (HVSC), zum "
"Beispiel /media/C64Musik/"

#: src/xs_interface.c:1353
msgid "Browse for HVSC path"
msgstr "Nach HVSC-Pfad suchen"

#: src/xs_interface.c:1355
msgid "Song name/title format:"
msgstr "Liedname-/Titel-Format:"

#: src/xs_interface.c:1373
msgid "Override generic XMMS titles"
msgstr "Allgemeine XMMS-Titel ersetzen"

#: src/xs_interface.c:1380
msgid ""
"XMMS v1.2.5 and later support generic titlestring formatting (see XMMS "
"preferences). This option can be enabled to override those generic titles "
"with XMMS-SID specific ones. Formatting mnemonics are explained briefly "
msgstr ""
"XMMS v1.2.5 und neuer unterstützen allgemeine Titelanzeige-Formatierungen "
"(siehe XMMS-Einstellungen). Diese Einstellung kann aktiviert werden, um jene "
"allgemeine Titel mit XMMS-SID-spezifischen zu ersetzen. Die "
"Formatierungskürzel werden unterhalb kurz erklärt."

#: src/xs_interface.c:1406
#, fuzzy
msgid ""
"%% - '%' character\n"
"%p - Performer/composer\n"
"%t - Song name (title)\n"
"%c - Copyright\n"
"%s - File type\n"
"%m - SID model (both)\n"
"%1 - Model of SID #1"
msgstr ""
"%% - »%«-Zeichen\n"
"%p - Künstler/Komponist\n"
"%t - Liedname (Titel)\n"
"%c - Copyright\n"
"%s - Dateityp\n"
"%m - SID-Modell"

#: src/xs_interface.c:1416
#, fuzzy
msgid ""
"%C - Speed/clock (PAL/NTSC)\n"
"%n - Subtune\n"
"%N - Number of subtunes\n"
"%f - Filename\n"
"%F - File path\n"
"%e - File extension\n"
"%2 - Model of SID #2"
msgstr ""
"%C - Taktrate (PAL/NTSC)\n"
"%n - Untertitel\n"
"%N - Anzahl der Untertitel\n"
"%f - Dateiname\n"
"%F - Dateipfad\n"
"%e - Dateierweiterung"

#: src/xs_interface.c:1426
msgid "Title"
msgstr "Titel"

#: src/xs_interface.c:1442
msgid "Sub-tune control:"
msgstr "Untertitel-Kontrolle:"

#: src/xs_interface.c:1460
msgid "Disabled"
msgstr "Deaktiviert"

#: src/xs_interface.c:1468
msgid "No sub-tune control."
msgstr "Keine Untertitel-Kontrolle."

#: src/xs_interface.c:1470
msgid "Seek back/forward changes sub-tune"
msgstr "Rückwärts/Vorwärts suchen ändert den Untertitel"

#: src/xs_interface.c:1478
msgid ""
"Seeking backwards/forwards selects previous/next sub-tune, similar to "
"selector used in XMMS-SidPlay."
msgstr ""
"Das Rückwärts-/Vorwärts-Suchen wählt den vorherigen/nächsten Untertitel aus, "
"ähnlich der Auswahl in XMMS-SidPlay."

#: src/xs_interface.c:1480
msgid "Pop-up via seekbar (UADE-style)"
msgstr "Über dem Suchbalken aufpoppen (UADE-Stil)"

#: src/xs_interface.c:1488
msgid ""
"By pressing the seekbar a sub-tune control window pops up, in style of UADE "
"(Unix Amiga Delitracker Emulator)"
msgstr ""
"Durch das Klicken des Suchbalkens poppt ein Untertitel-Auswahlfenster auf, "
"im Stil des UADE (Unix-Amiga-Delitracker-Emulators)"

#: src/xs_interface.c:1490
msgid "Song-position patch"
msgstr "Liedpositions-Patch"

# XXX - patched with the patch?
#: src/xs_interface.c:1498
msgid ""
"Seekbar works as a sub-tune selector (Best option if you have patched your "
"XMMS with the song-position patch.)"
msgstr ""
"Der Suchbalken funktioniert als Untertitel-Auswahl (Die beste Möglichkeit, "
"wenn Sie ihr XMMS mit dem Liedpositions-Patch gebaut haben.)"

#: src/xs_interface.c:1500
msgid "Automatic sub-tune changes:"
msgstr "Automatische Untertitel-Änderungen:"

#: src/xs_interface.c:1518
msgid "Go through all sub-tunes in file"
msgstr "Alle Untertitel in Datei durchgehen"

# XXX -- trailing space
#: src/xs_interface.c:1526
msgid "Only tunes with specified minimum length "
msgstr "Nur Lieder mit angegebener minimalen Länge "

#: src/xs_interface.c:1569
msgid "Miscellaneous options:"
msgstr "Sonstige Optionen:"

#: src/xs_interface.c:1587
msgid "Detect file by contents (slower)"
msgstr "Datei anhand des Inhalts erkennen (langsamer)"

#: src/xs_interface.c:1594
msgid ""
"Determine if file is a SID-tune by checking the file contents. If NOT "
"selected, filetype is determined by checking filename extension (.sid, ."
"dat, ...)"
msgstr ""
"Die Datei anhand des Dateiinhalts prüfen, ob es sich um ein SID-Lied "
"handelt. Falls dies NICHT gewählt ist, wird der Dateityp über die "
"Dateierweiterung (.sid, .dat, ...) bestimmt."

#: src/xs_interface.c:1596
msgid "Misc"
msgstr "Sonstiges"

#: src/xs_interface.c:1624
msgid "Accept and update changes"
msgstr "Änderungen akzeptieren und übernehmen"

#: src/xs_interface.c:1626 src/xs_interface.c:2477
msgid "Cancel"
msgstr "Abbrechen"

#: src/xs_interface.c:1634
msgid "Cancel any changes"
msgstr "Verwirft jegliche Änderungen"

#: src/xs_interface.c:1764
msgid "XMMS-SID Fileinfo"
msgstr "XMMS-SID-Dateiinformationen"

#: src/xs_interface.c:1803
msgid " < "
msgstr " < "

#: src/xs_interface.c:1821
msgid " > "
msgstr " > "

#: src/xs_interface.c:1829
msgid "Song Information:"
msgstr "Lied-Informationen:"

#: src/xs_interface.c:1849
msgid "Filename:"
msgstr "Dateiname:"

#: src/xs_interface.c:1859
msgid "Songname:"
msgstr "Liedname:"

#: src/xs_interface.c:1869
msgid "Composer:"
msgstr "Komponist:"

#: src/xs_interface.c:1879
msgid "Copyright:"
msgstr "Copyright:"

#: src/xs_interface.c:1933
msgid "Sub-tune Information:"
msgstr "Untertitel-Informationen:"

#: src/xs_interface.c:1959
msgid " "
msgstr ""

#: src/xs_interface.c:1975
msgid "Author:"
msgstr "Autor:"

#: src/xs_interface.c:1996 src/xs_interface.c:2429
msgid "Name:"
msgstr "Name:"

#: src/xs_interface.c:2017
msgid "Duration:"
msgstr "Dauer:"

#: src/xs_interface.c:2057 src/xs_about.c:227
msgid "Close"
msgstr "Schließen"

#: src/xs_interface.c:2091
msgid "Select HVSC song length database"
msgstr "HVSC-Liedlänge-Datenbank auswählen"

# XXX -- space at end on intention?
#: src/xs_interface.c:2130
msgid "Select STIL-database "
msgstr "STIL-Datenbank auswählen "

#: src/xs_interface.c:2169
msgid "Select HVSC location prefix"
msgstr ""

#: src/xs_interface.c:2208
msgid "Select SIDPlay2 filters file for importing"
msgstr ""

#: src/xs_interface.c:2247
msgid "Select SIDPlay2 filters file for exporting"
msgstr ""

#: src/xs_interface.c:2293 src/xs_interface.c:2302
msgid "Confirm selected action"
msgstr ""

#: src/xs_interface.c:2328
msgid "Yes"
msgstr ""

#: src/xs_interface.c:2337
msgid "No"
msgstr ""

#: src/xs_interface.c:2373
#, fuzzy
msgid "Create new filter"
msgstr "Filter emulieren"

#: src/xs_interface.c:2381
msgid "Filter parameters"
msgstr ""

#: src/xs_interface.c:2440
msgid "Type:"
msgstr ""

#: src/xs_interface.c:2468
msgid "Create"
msgstr ""

#: src/xs_interface.c:2500
msgid "Select path to C64 ROM images"
msgstr ""

#: src/xs_interface.c:2547 src/xs_interface.c:2558
msgid "Message title"
msgstr ""

#: src/xs_interface.c:2567
msgid "label3"
msgstr ""

#: src/xs_about.c:84
#, c-format
msgid "About %s"
msgstr ""

#~ msgid "Factor:"
#~ msgstr "Faktor:"

#~ msgid "Large factors require more CPU-power"
#~ msgstr "Große Faktoren benötigen mehr Rechenleistung"