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date Wed, 21 Nov 2012 00:16:03 +0200
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XMMS-SID - SIDPlay input plugin for X MultiMedia System (XMMS)
List of user-visible changes in XMMS-SID (See ChangeLog for
more complete listing of changes)

Version 0.9
* Lots of cleanups and some refactoring.

* Support for libSIDPlay2-FP (or "libsidplayfp + resid-fp").

* 2SID support via libSIDPlay2-FP.

* Various compatibility fixes, including fixes to songlength
  and STIL database parsers.

* Improved configuration dialog.

* Improved error resiliency and debug messages. Debug messages
  can be enabled via compile-time "--enable-debug" option to
  configure script.

* Automatically present XMMS-SID configuration dialog to the
  user if the configuration has not been done, or is not from
  current version.

* Better sanity-checking of configuration, especially if migrating
  from another backend library (1/2 -> FP or vice versa.)

Version 0.8
* Complete re-write.

* Support for multiple emulator libraries, including
  libSIDPlay 2.x! See instructions in "INSTALL" for
  more information.

* Improved filter configuration.

* HVSC song-length database support. XMMS-SID now supports
  the XSIDPLAY's song-length database for tunes contained
  in HVSC collection. Requires downloading of a small package
  (few hundred kB's), that contains the database. Read
  "README" for more info.

* Minimum and maximum playtime settings. If enabled, song will
  be played for given time minimum and maximum. This can be
  used as a fall-back method if song-length database does not
  contain information for selected tune.

* Improved file information dialog.

* XMMS v1.2.5 introduced the "generic title format" that
  can be used to have same format titles for those
  plugins that support it. XMMS-SID is now one of them.
  There is also an overriding option, that enables you
  to have SID-specific titles. See the configuration
  dialog for more information.

* New sub-song control methods as selectable options. Does
  not require patching of XMMS anymore, so they are easier
  to use. The XMMS patch used by older versions is
  supported as well, though.

* Throw in a handful of bugfixes (and possibly new bugs),
  stir powerfully. Finally, sprinkle some minor improvements
  on the top and vola!

Version 0.7
* Much improved file information dialog. Now shows all relevant
  info neatly and orderly. Parses STIL information and shows it
  on fileinfo if enabled.

* Updated the xmms song-position patch which makes possible
  to use the position slider to change sub-tune SID and also
  pattern position in MikMod plugin. Now patches and works
  correctly with recent XMMS versions.

* STIL-database file-selector in config dialog.

* Additional improvements from Willem to the song-pos patch!

* And the standard load of bugfixes and minor improvements.

Version 0.6
Improved configuration:

* Filters are now configurable, you can adjust all three
  parameters of libsidplay: FS, FM and FT. See "Filter"
  panel of configuration dialog.

* STIL database path can be set and STIL usage can be enabled
  and disabled from configuration dialog's "STIL" panel.

* Songname / info is now configurable like in the mpg123 plugin,
  with %1..%n, see the "STIL" panel of configuration dialog.

Version 0.5
This version is a "new branch" based on the original
xmms-sid v0.4 by Willem Monsuwe.

This development branch is maintained by Matti "ccr" Hamalainen of TNSP.

Please consider that when thinking where to send bug reports.

 - Few minor bugfixes.
 - STIL support works now better (quite beta still, though)
 - Cleaned up sources somewhat.
 - Added a about dialog.
 - Re-organized the source structure.
 - Improved detection of the XMMS paths and stuff in configure.

Version 0.4 
 - First release, so nothing new.