BatMUD Quests

NOTICE! The information herein may be considered as a mild "spoiler", but I've made it available for the reason that some quest descriptions are rather vague, confusing and in (rare) cases deprecated. You should be aware that this list does not include all quests and never will, for reasons both technical and ethical. Please refer to the official BatMUD quest list for full details.

Level Quests

Level Quest name Location
9Kobold staffD'hregal mines
16Black butterflyNewbie Mines
17PlatterDigga's Domain
23Liberate newbiesNewbie Playground
24Zoy's InnZoy's Inn
25Save Secladin villageSecladin
27ColoursRainbow Cloak
28Robes of TimePerin's
29KingMythical Valley
30Rescue DorianDunamor
35Help the BaronBigeaul
37Save the princess DaisyKing Eowyn's Land
39Enchanted cloakGiant killers
40Sacrifice staffFoul's Creche
44Holy grailArthur
46Return the chestStagira
49Ivory BladesValley of Silence
51Magic towerDigga's Domain
52Return the amuletElven village
53Shamanic deedTaiga
57Rescue patrolBlackteeth Mountains
62Challenge KuryaOrc Samurai
65Rescue LadyZonni Swamp
67Help lady ElberielHell's dojo
70Silver battlesuitDigga's Domain
71The ritual of sacrificeAmberley mansion
75Enchanted forestEnchanted Forest
76Save DuzeltonDuzelton
81Ndoki forestNdoki
83Tides of WarLanzia
84Inner Sanctium of MagerathiaMagerathia
85Flying CitadelRounce
88The Valley of the KingsValley of the Kings

39 level quests.

Area Quests

Quest name Location
Alchemist's dilemmaVillage of Shrea
Caves of OracCaves of Orac
Dragonscale ArmourLonely Mountain
ElementalistClouds above Lor
Find Frex FroxOystria
Free TarackiaTarackia
Frozen valleyRendburg
Help AtrielAbandoned Valley
Intrigue at Dark CastleDark Castle
It's DogDark Forest
Mastery of MagicValley of Silence
Paladin strongholdPaladin Stronghold
Restless deadBigeaul
Save OzymandiusCorabandor
Shrouds of darknessPerin's
The Lost StaffSunderland
The lost troglodyte rodTroglodyte Village
Treasuries of the Nocilis ValleyNocilis Valley

19 area quests.