Type Name Description
Audio plugin XMMS-SID A SIDPlay plugin for X MultiMedia System and Audacious media player.
TCL scripts Egg-TCLs Miscellaneous TCL scripts for EggDrop IRC-bots.
Framework DMLIB C/C++ demo framework and various misc. tools on top of libSDL.
Library th-libs Simple collection library of C helper functions for commandline parsing, TCP network connectivity, portability, etc.
Tool SIDinfo Tool for extracting information from PSID files written in C.
PHP/web MGallery Simple photo gallery written in PHP (ugh), that has no "upload" capabilities or other bloat. Galleries and albums are managed using simple configuration files and a commandline tool. WARNING: Developed for my own use and not documented much at all.
Python GCMultiMerge Tool for creating and updating "composite" Google calendars from multiple source calendars (must be available/shared to single Google account.) Written in Python, repository has branches for both 2.7 and 3.5.
Tool GLDragon A simple libSDL2-based OpenGL PLY file viewer/benchmark originally based on Thomas Trummer's "glxdragon".