Appendix A. Support

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Sending patches/corrections

Sending patches/corrections

If you have prepared a fix for some bug or a new feature, you can send us a patch. A changeset patch made against current Mercurial repository head/tip is highly preferred, short instructions on how to do that can be found below. You will probably need to refer to Mercurial guide for generic Mercurial usage instructions and how to set it up. For making proper commits, you'll need to at the very least set up your username, etc.

# 1) Make changes to files

# 2) Commit related changes to a changeset your local repository
hg ci [filenames of changed files or nothing, if you wish to commit everything]

# 3) Repeat steps 1 to 2 until satisfied

# 4) Export your local changes to a bundle
hg bundle mychanges.bz2

# 5) Send mychanges.bz2 to us (Ggr), as e-mail attachment