BatMUD Quests

NOTICE! The information herein may be considered as a mild "spoiler", but I've made it available for the reason that some quest descriptions are rather vague, confusing and in (rare) cases deprecated. You should be aware that this list does not include all quests and never will, for reasons both technical and ethical. Please refer to the official BatMUD quest list for full details.

Level Quests (54)

Level Quest name Location Continent
16Black butterflyNewbie mines Laenor
16StatueOchimo Desolathya
17PlatterDigga's Domain Laenor
17Rob vaultNewbie mines Laenor
18ManhuntHugoville Laenor
18Kobold staffD'hregal mines Desolathya
19Sewer ringArelium Laenor
19Acquire documentsConifer Forest Laenor
19Sewer RingArelium sewersSpecial
20RegisterArelium Laenor
20St. Patric's abbeySt. Patric's Abbey Renardy
21Rules 101Arelium Laenor
21Help the hobbitOld Oak Forest Laenor
23Liberate newbiesNewbie Playground Laenor
23Help LiezebBeastlands Laenor
24Zoy's InnZoy's Inn Laenor
25RouletteArelium Laenor
25Save Secladin villageSecladin Laenor
26Jarear's assignmentsNewbie taskmaster Laenor
27ColoursRainbow Cloak Laenor
28Robes of TimePerin's Furnachia
29KingMythical Valley Desolathya
30Rescue DorianDunamor Desolathya
31GongArelium Laenor
32Wicked witchVillage of Stouby Laenor
33Northern raidersNorthrend Laenor
35Help the BaronBigeaul Laenor
37Save the princess DaisyKing Eowyn's Land Rothikgen
38VulcanVolcano Furnachia
39Enchanted cloakGiant killers Rothikgen
40Sacrifice staffFoul's Creche Laenor
44Holy grailArthur Laenor
45Victi vicimusColosseum Lucentium
46Return the chestStagira Lucentium
47Master HunterE'sirisSpecial
48Successor of provinceAncona Manor Furnachia
49Ivory BladesValley of Silence Desolathya
50MachineHugoville Laenor
51Magic towerDigga's Domain Laenor
52Return the amuletElven village Laenor
53Shamanic deedTaiga Rothikgen
55The Mythical FrostbladeCitadel Rothikgen
57Rescue patrolBlackteeth Mountains Laenor
61StonehengeStonehenge Rothikgen
62Challenge KuryaOrc Samurai Furnachia
65Rescue LadyZonni swamps Furnachia
67Help lady ElberielHell's dojo Rothikgen
69The Horsehead MountainHorsehead Mountain Rothikgen
70Silver battlesuitDigga's Domain Laenor
71The ritual of sacrificeAmberley mansion Rothikgen
72The evil, immortal kingKingslayer Furnachia
73LiberationKara-Tur Lucentium
74A tale of two towersA Tale of Two Towers Lucentium
75Enchanted forestEnchanted Forest Furnachia
76Save DuzeltonDuzelton Lucentium
81Ndoki forestNdoki Furnachia
82Assassinate the Fairy QueenFaerie Forest Laenor
83Tides of WarLanzia Lucentium
84Inner Sanctium of MagerathiaMagerathia Desolathya
85Flying CitadelRounce Furnachia
88The Valley of the KingsValley of the Kings Lucentium
92Long live the KingCastle Severus Rothikgen
100The puzzle of lifeGallery cave Laenor

54 level quests.

Area Quests (75)

Quest name Location Continent
A day at the circusCircus Laenor
Ackbar's warrior shrineWarrior shrine Rothikgen
Aid the duck alchemistDuck commune Rothikgen
Alchemist's dilemmaVillage of Shrea Lucentium
AmuletPyran Lucentium
Beaumont HamelBeaumont Hamel Rothikgen
Catfolk shipyardCatfolk shipyard Lucentium
Caves of OracCaves of Orac Desolathya
City TourArelium Laenor
Coffee timeCoffee forest Lucentium
Competing architectsTyr Farwyn Laenor
Dortlewall town patrolDortlewall Laenor
Dragonscale ArmourLonely Mountain Rothikgen
Drow towerDrow tower Furnachia
ElementalistClouds above Lor Lucentium
End the warCastle of Lord Drauron Rothikgen
Escape in the villageVillage of Aldor Rothikgen
Farmer in dire needUnderdark Lucentium
FerryFERRY/Laenor/Daerwon Laenor
Find Frex FroxOystria Lucentium
Find NorgakSewers of Silverfang Laenor
Folklorist road tripArelium Laenor
Four ElementsWind Tower Lucentium
Free FiloniousForest of the Moon Furnachia
Free TarackiaTarackia Desolathya
Free the ghost of Seyed FairlongeTralpecktor Desolathya
Frozen valleyRendburg Rothikgen
GemcutterWaldrand Laenor
HarbormasterWaldrand Laenor
Haunted mansionHaunted Mansion Furnachia
Help AtrielAbandoned Valley Laenor
Help Langdale loggers defeat the harpiesWindshriek forest Rothikgen
Help LorettaAbandoned village Furnachia
Help the Windshriek harpies defeat the loggersWindshriek forest Rothikgen
IT's dogDark Forest Rothikgen
Intrigue at Dark CastleDark Castle Laenor
It's a drillDortlewall Laenor
KittyArelium Laenor
Lost treasuresZorn Desolathya
Mastery of MagicValley of Silence Desolathya
MillerWaldrand Laenor
Millie's nightmareBuckthorn Valley Desolathya
Mirror mineMirror Mine Lucentium
Moonlight MurdersTyr Farwyn Laenor
Nature walkDuck commune Rothikgen
Paladin strongholdPaladin Stronghold Lucentium
Quest RoomArelium Laenor
Rescue Hannah's parentsSchool of Lumine Laenor
Rescue the bunnyIron mine Laenor
Restless deadBigeaul Laenor
Restoring Albert's honorBF Seacrest Desolathya
Reunite the FoundersDuck commune Rothikgen
Rise of the verminkinAstacia Lucentium
Robbery in MoonlightArelium Laenor
Ruler of the dayMesme Laenor
Save OzymandiusCorabandor Furnachia
Save the farmersFarmhouse Laenor
Shrouds of darknessPerin's Furnachia
Solo the haunted mansionHaunted Mansion Furnachia
Solve mystery of the abandoned villageBlack Marble Altar Furnachia
Spirits of vengeanceAfkadel-el-Sha Lucentium
Sweet dreamsRed Tides village Desolathya
The Living CaveNorse cave Rothikgen
The Lost StaffSunderland Desolathya
The Quest of LegolasForest of Legolas Laenor
The ant hillAnthill Lucentium
The lost loveLonely Inn Laenor
The lost troglodyte rodTroglodyte Hut Lucentium
Tiki Bar MakeoverTiki bar Lucentium
Treasuries of the Nocilis ValleyNocilis Valley Furnachia
Vendace ShoreVendace Shore Laenor
View ArtworkArelium Laenor
VisitArelium Laenor
When all hope is lostCastle Severus Rothikgen
White PuddingOld Copper Mine Rothikgen

75 area quests.