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Maps and information about BatMUD realm, including maps of the continents, some areas and cities. As an alternative for the continent maps, Jeskko has an interesting Google Maps-style world map.

The ANSI files are maps rendered as ASCII text with ANSI colour codes, UNIX users can apply the familiar less(1) utility to view them, assuming their less supports raw output - GNU less works: less -S -R laenor.ansi.

Continents of BatMUD: Age of Exiles

Continent (HTML) Image files Raw ANSI Information
Laenor (*) PNG, 254kB ANSI, 1.03MB [Locations] [PCities]
Rothikgen (*) PNG, 144kB ANSI, 390kB [Locations] [PCities]
Lucentium (*) PNG, 168kB ANSI, 601kB [Locations] [PCities]
Furnachia (*) PNG, 111kB ANSI, 364kB [Locations] [PCities]
Desolathya (*) PNG, 142kB ANSI, 484kB [Locations] [PCities]

(*) = Maps without JavaScript and with 'embedded' labels. Data last updated: 10.01.2019 00:02.

Miscellaneous maps

Area (HTML) Other Updated
City of Arelium ASCII, 8kB 04.11.2017 21:31
City of Calythien ASCII, 1kB 18.10.2017 15:20
City of Lorenchia ASCII, 1kB 18.10.2017 15:20
City of Rilynt'tar ASCII, 1kB 18.10.2017 15:20
E'siris, the Ethereal City ASCII, 1kB 18.10.2017 15:20
Valley of the Kings ASCII, 4kB 18.10.2017 15:20
The Isle of Lanzia ASCII, 1kB 18.10.2017 15:20
Faerie Forest ASCII, 1kB 18.10.2017 15:20
Renardy (*) ASCII, 14kB 09.03.2016 20:12
Tyr Farwyn ASCII, 2kB 18.10.2017 15:20
Village of Dortlewall ASCII, 572 bytes 18.10.2017 15:20
Old BatCity map 18.10.2017 13:29
HCBat map (*) [ANSI] [Locations] [PCities] [Quests] 15.11.2017 05:11
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