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  1. The following characters act as wildcards (they match any character): *, @, X, ?, %, C and whitespace, thus searching exact matches for player cities (C), shrines (%) and location markers (?) is not possible.
  2. *, @ and X will be used to center the search coordinates if they are present in the pattern. If no such character is present, the coordinates listed in search results will be for the top-left corner of the search pattern.
  3. The search pattern must be "clean", e.g. output from 'look' with ships/NPCs/etc or direct copy-paste with anything extranous other than the map data itself will not work. Output of 'map' command is good, also 'wizard eye' spell. For other sources you will have to be creative and careful with copy-pasting.
  4. Remember that only the selected maps will be searched for matches. If you get no results, perhaps you have unselected the one that has the spot?