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Hundred acre forest | Nasu area


Ninth Plane of Hell | Hell


Furnachia fort (east)
23 Sep 2007
Furnachia fort (south)
23 Sep 2007
Furnachia fort (west)
23 Sep 2007
Abandoned, ruined temple
21 Apr 2013
Ackbar's warrior shrine
Village of Death
05 Jul 2007
Anaconda's Ruins | Ruins
09 Dec 2004
The Ancient Temple of the Gods
Tiger shrine (lae) | Shrine
22 Feb 2006
Animist guild
28 Nov 2010
The Lands of Apollo
Bob and Thelma's farm/grove | Bob and thelmas farm/grove
Arelium clocktower 🍔
Prospector's Shack | Merchant subguild
Monthy Python, Quest for the Holy Grail
20 Aug 1996
28 Dec 2020
The Ruins of Astacia
09 Nov 2003
Crimson wyrm, savage coast subarea
06 Dec 2001


Broken Forest - Barracks
20 Nov 2011
Broken Forest - Castle
20 Nov 2011
Broken Forest - Prison
20 Nov 2011
Broken Forest - Seacrest
20 Nov 2011
01 Nov 2020
Barb guild event area
04 May 2014
06 Jun 2003
Beastmaster guild
09 Oct 2003
30 Aug 2010
12 Mar 2021
Chateau de le Bigeaul | Monastery of Beldarus
Mountain peak
26 Nov 2007
The Slopes of the Blackteeth Mountains
26 Sep 2018
29 Dec 2006
Green wyrm, savage coast subarea
06 Dec 2001
16 Oct 2010
Villager under attack
26 Jan 2012


13 Dec 2006
Severus castle
06 Apr 2016
Hq1, warzone subarea
Tree village
14 Nov 2000
Hq2, warzone subarea
16 Mar 2011
29 Sep 2022
Circus 🍔
18 Mar 2003
Club Sarnath 🍔
Arelium - Club Sarnath
07 Aug 2016
29 May 2002
07 Jan 2008
Tower of Corabandor
Alchemist Tower / Amazons, entrance 2
Old house | Behind the old house
08 Mar 2007
Tower of the accursed
Blue wyrm, savage coast subarea
06 Dec 2001


Kobold mines
21 Jul 1996
15 Apr 2013
Twisted tower
04 Dec 2002
04 Aug 1996
08 Sep 2011
30 Mar 2013
Raven, newbie mountain, trolls etc. | Raven, newbie mountain, trolls etc
21 Aug 1996
08 Mar 2014
Castle of Faux Couer
Old ladys shack, savage coast subarea
15 Jan 2021
Berul Village
Dunedain's Dark Mansion | Dunedains dark mansion
Arelium dungeons


E'siris 🍔
Enchanter (corpse)
24 Jun 2006
Enchanter (quest)
24 Jun 2006
Earthquake event
06 Mar 2003
22 Dec 2015
01 May 2019
Camp1, warzone subarea
Camp2, warzone subarea
The most holy forest of the Ent race
20 Jan 2013
28 Jun 2013
Bruce's shack
20 Apr 2007
09 May 2021


Ril'ynttar harbour
Hamlet of Windham | Windham
Laenor fort | Laenor fortress
Lucentium welcome center
Shadowkeep annex
01 May 2007
29 Jul 2013
Feldspar conglomerate site
05 Apr 2017
Feldspar conglomerate site
21 Jul 2021
Feldspar conglomerate site
21 Jul 2021
Meteor shower event
06 Mar 2003
The Temple of Pandion Knights
Creepy forest, savage coast subarea
02 Aug 1999
20 May 2017


08 Sep 2011
Pillars of the gargoyle statues
South gate of Serinna
01 May 2021
The Order of Ghost Liberator Paladins | Ghost liberator mansion
06 Nov 2009
Doobie's | Doobies
Gnomish flying machine
24 Apr 2004
Goathead, savage coast subarea
06 Dec 2001
Castle of Goddess
25 Feb 2011
25 Jan 2019
Nifties | GCD | Melcross's Domain


Hack 🍔
15 Apr 2010
Harazam, savage coast subarea
Village of War
05 Jul 2007
20 Jan 2017
Hells dojo
08 Jul 2019
Tower of Horn-Durath
Hugoville and von Huber


Hailstorm event
06 Mar 2003
04 Sep 2017
05 Jul 2014
10 Jun 2020
Templar shield quest cave
Mines of Tyr Farwyn | Mountain passage tunnel
20 Feb 2012
27 Nov 2010
18 Apr 2022
White marble tower
01 Mar 2018


03 Jun 2015


Akira | Karatur
Katvil forest | Kathvael forest
25 Sep 2002
Village of Pestilence
05 Jul 2007
Cathedral of Dr. Kilrathi
Knights & Dragons
08 Feb 2019
Dark church, savage coast subarea
Kirahvi+ ss
Knight guild
13 Jul 2004
Village of Famine
05 Jul 2007
Kutanakor, east entrance
Kutanakor, west entrance


Desolate Castle | Therps castle
16 Aug 1996
14 Apr 2008
A small, but nice and comfortable hut
30 Apr 2021
Aelena temple
16 Feb 2008
The Hall of One Thousand Voices
22 Aug 2008
Temple of Tzarakk
16 Oct 2007
13 Apr 2011
Lords of chaos
12 Mar 2021
04 May 2012


Mage guild, electricity
28 Jan 2011
20 Oct 2014
Mesme forest
18 Nov 2012
The Last Unicorn
28 Apr 2002
09 May 2005
16 Sep 2011
Alchemist Tower / Amazons
Martial arts trainer (dwarf)
Martial arts trainer (kobold)
Martial arts trainer (catfolk)
Martial arts trainer (gnoll)


Teywaer village
28 Oct 2003
Inside massive decaying tree
19 Nov 2018
30 Jun 1996
Newbie playgrounds
22 Nov 2003
Nithem's dungeon 🍔
Lich dungeon
Attic | Noran's castle
18 Jun 2002
Convent of White Rose | Nun guild
Nun guild mountain entrance


23 Sep 2005
Clockwork observatory
02 Aug 2007
24 Jan 2013
26 Sep 2009
An old fort | Old fortress
26 Feb 2004
02 Jan 2008
Damned convent
22 Feb 2013
Samurai fort | Samurai fortress
Orc scouts treehouse


Paladin temple
20 Jun 2015
Newbie Zoo
07 Jun 1997
27 Sep 2018
West wharf
Plateau of tsang
20 Feb 2009
Newbie Village
04 Feb 2003
Pluras castle
03 Aug 1996
30 Dec 2012
13 May 2022
13 May 2022
25 Sep 2005
Pyran 🍔
08 Feb 2001



Colours | The Riddle of the Colours
Ranger guild
Redhawk, savage coast subarea
06 Dec 2001
Frozen city of Rendburg
Riftwalker shaman cave
08 Jun 2011
Rounce 🍔
Citadel | Citadel pit
Ruins of the convent of Kofgaad
20 Aug 2012
Ruins of untar trinit, savage coast subarea
Runemages guild, western entrance.
23 Nov 2003
Runemages guild northern entrance.
23 Nov 2003
Runemages guild, the eastern entrance.
23 Nov 2003


Harbour | Shipyard
12 Dec 2020
27 Sep 2018
05 Dec 2007
Savage land | Savage jungle
Twisting shadows of the void
07 Jan 2019
Navigators of the sea
10 Dec 2015
Wyrms, savage coast subarea
06 Dec 2001
Silver lake | Silverlake
17 Dec 2001
08 Jul 2019
01 May 2022
29 Apr 2016
07 Mar 2007
Teywaer well
09 Jun 1996
Citadel | Mountainpass+citadel
Spider guild entrance: plains / valley
Spider guild entrance: forest
Spider guild: river entrance
Spider guild entrance: swamp
Spider guild entrance: mountain
Spider guild, beach exit
Spider guild entrance: desert
Spider guild entrance: jungle
Spider cave, savage coast subarea
17 Mar 2003
30 Jan 2023
Safe haven of suicidals | Suicidal+ ss
Syggax offensive camp
14 Nov 2019
Syggax offensive camp
01 Aug 2021
Syggax offensive camp
01 Aug 2021
Swe+ ss


Taiga 🍔
Dino's taiga
17 Dec 2002
10 Feb 2020
Blitzkrieg event | Aljerak temple
01 Apr 2010
Ruins of a Temple of All Gods
28 Sep 2007
Nun Temple
Temple to the Winds
22 Feb 2013
The xorlab kxoh's tomb
Tiger shrine (deso)
Tiger shrine (luce)
Tiger shrine (roth)
16 Nov 2021
16 Apr 2020
26 Nov 2018
29 Jun 2011
13 May 2022
The Navigators of the Tree | Treenavs
05 Apr 2013
Assassin quest | The Trilloch tower
Troglodytes | Steves hut, Troglodyte subarea
12 Dec 2001
12 Dec 2001
30 Jan 2023
Tunnel 🍔
Caverns of the Undying


Fire Golem | Golem
20 Nov 2011
14 Jul 1996


The valley of silence
The legendary crypt of the prince of darkness
Aldors village
01 Jun 2007
Hobbit Farmhouse | Alchemist's House
09 Aug 2008


07 Jun 2018
18 Aug 2019
14 Aug 2014
01 Aug 1991
Cyclone event tower
06 Mar 2003
Harpy race shrine
13 Aug 2021
Wormhole, savage coast subarea
13 May 2022
Wrebie castle
21 Sep 2010
07 Dec 2006
Wihne+ ss


Game Collector's Den | Phylactery event
25 Apr 2022


The Ziggurat of Serinna
01 May 2021
Zonni swamps
09 Apr 2013

684 locations.

ARE Fortress (east)
Added in game as result of "Invasion/Defence of Arelium 2007"-event.
ARE Fortress (south)
Added in game as result of "Invasion/Defence of Arelium 2007"-event.
ARE Fortress (west)
Added in game as result of "Invasion/Defence of Arelium 2007"-event.
Abandoned Valley
AQ "Help Atriel".
Abandoned village
AQ "Help Loretta" and part of AQ "Solve mystery of the abandoned village".
Part of AQ "Spirits of vengeance".
Amberley mansion
LQ71 "The ritual of sacrifice".
Ancient Tower
AQ "Free the ghost of Seyed Fairlonge".
Ancient ruins
Tiger guild shrine and maze.
Ancona Manor
LQ48 "Successor of province".
Animist totem (furn)
Animist guild totem pole for Furnachia.
Animist totem (lae)
Animist guild totem pole for Laenor.
AQ "The ant hill".
Main city of Laenor. AQ "Quest Room", AQ "City Tour", AQ "Visit", AQ "View Artwork", AQ "Kitty", LQ19 "Sewer ring", LQ20 "Register", LQ21 "Rules 101", LQ25 "Roulette", LQ31 "Gong", LQ47 "Master Hunter" and AQ "Robbery in Moonlight".
Arelium clocktower
Located in Arelium
LQ44 "Holy grail", modelled after the Monty Python movie.
AQ "Rise of the verminkin".
Extremely dangerous.
Barb (deso)
Barbarian guild trainer.
Barb (furn)
Barbarian guild trainer.
Barb (lae)
Barbarian guild trainer.
Barb (luc)
Barbarian guild trainer.
LQ23 "Help Liezeb".
Beaumont Hamel
AQ "Beaumont Hamel".
LQ35 "Help the Baron" and AQ "Restless dead". Monastery of Beldarus added 31.01.2005.
Black Marble Altar
Part of AQ "Solve mystery of the abandoned village"
Blackteeth Mountains
LQ57 "Rescue patrol".
Buckthorn Valley
Part of AQ "Millie's nightmare".
Extremely dangerous. Was originally called "Burgle", probably changed to Bufloogh for obvious reasons.
Bunny valley
Soft level-limited to lvl55, similarly to School of Lumine area.
Butterfly farm
Soft level-limited to lvl55, similarly to School of Lumine area.
Main city of Desolathya.
Castle Severus
LQ92 "Long live the King"
Catfolk shipyard
Wizard Hackathon 2015 project area.
Caves of Orac
AQ "Caves of Orac".
Chaos Cauldron
Chaos Cauldron event area.
AQ "A day at the circus". Recoded by Ggr in January 2013.
Clouds above Lor
AQ "Elementalist".
Club Sarnath
Located in Arelium
Coffee forest
AQ "Coffee time".
Also known as Amphitheatre. LQ45 "Victi vicimus". Level limited to lvl50.
Conifer Forest
Level limited to lvl50. LQ19 "Acquire Documents".
AQ "Save Ozymandius".
Extremely dangerous.
D'hregal mines
LQ18 "Kobold staff".
This location is closed.
Dark Castle
AQ "Intrigue at Dark Castle".
Dark Forest
AQ "It's Dog". Very loosely based on Stephen King's book "IT".
Digga's Domain
LQ17 "Platter", LQ51 "Magic tower" and LQ70 "Silver battlesuit". Recoded by Ggr in February 2014.
The starting area of new players.
Draconian tower
Related to Efiilas quests.
Drow tower
AQ "Drow tower".
Duck commune
AQ "Reunite the Founders", AQ "Nature walk" and AQ "Aid the duck alchemist"
LQ30 "Rescue Dorian".
Originally called "BatCity Dungeons", of course.
LQ76 "Save Duzelton". NOTICE! This quest is undoable at the moment.
Dwarf warehouse
Related to Efiilas quests.
E'siris, the ethereal city that can be used to cross realms. Resides on the "continent" of Nexus.
ENC Valar
Earth Tower
Part of AQ "Four Elements".
Elven village
LQ52 "Return the amulet".
Enchanted Forest
LQ75 "Enchanted forest".
Evil vale
Old area, reopened in 2013.
Furnachia ferry dock
FERRY/Hamlet of Windham
Desolathya ferry
Laenor ferry dock. AQ "Ferry".
Lucentium ferry dock
Rothikgen ferry dock
Faerie Forest
LQ82 "Assassinate the Fairy Queen".
AQ "Save the farmers".
Fire Tower
Part of AQ "Four Elements".
Forest of Legolas
AQ "The Quest of Legolas".
Forest of the Moon
AQ "Free Filonious".
Foul's Creche
LQ40 "Sacrifice staff".
Fraggle village
WAS level limited to lvl50, limit removed in early 2012.
Gauntlet event
Location where the gauntlet event occurs.
Giant killers
LQ39 "Enchanted cloak".
Extremely dangerous.
Great Central Desert
Has a level limited part.
A very old area, that has been open on HCBat and now re-opened here.
Hairikko Forest
Level limited to 20.
Harun-al-Mar & Harun-al-Kor
Part of AQ "Spirits of vengeance".
Haunted Mansion
Hosts two versions of the same AQ "Solo the haunted mansion" and AQ "Haunted mansion".
Hell's dojo
LQ67 "Help lady Elberiel". Converted by Sai 07.09.2005.
Horsehead Mountain
LQ69 "The Horsehead Mountain".
LQ18 "Manhunt" and LQ50 "Machine".
Ice Tower
Part of AQ "Four Elements".
Iron mine
Contains AQ "Rescue the bunny".
The only 18-man monster in game.
Jurkajef's Tower
Based on the Finnish epic poem of "The Kalevala".
LQ73 "Liberation".
Part of AQ "Spirits of vengeance".
King Eowyn's Land
LQ37 "Save the princess Daisy". (Has reputation of being one of the most annoying low level LQs in game.)
LQ72 "The evil, immortal king"
Part of AQ "Spirits of vengeance".
LQ83 "Tides of War".
LoC: Aelena
New Lords of Chaos temple of Aelena.
LoC: Kharim
New Lords of Chaos, Legions of Kharim.
LoC: Tzarakk
New Lords of Chaos temple of Tzarakk.
Lonely Inn
AQ "The lost love"
Lonely Mountain
AQ "Dragonscale Armour".
Lord of Chaos
This guild is now closed.
Main city of Lucentium.
LQ84 "Inner Sanctium of Magerathia".
Midnight Carnival
Based on the book "The Last Unicorn" by Peter S. Beagle.
Millie's Nightmare
Part of AQ "Millie's nightmare".
Mirror Mine
AQ "Mirror mine".
Monk (furn)
Monk guild trainer.
Monk special (furn)
Monk guild martial arts training, Ferris Ironhands.
Monk special (lae)
Monk guild martial arts training, Pzakh Trebilisz.
Monk special (luc)
Monk guild martial arts training, Kitheesta Miraur.
Monk special (roth)
Monk guild martial arts training, Gnardmok Ilfthren.
Mythical Valley
LQ29 "King".
LQ81 "Ndoki forest". NOTE: This area's open/closed status may not be up to date at any given point.
Newbie Mines
LQ16 "Black butterfly" and LQ17 "Rob vault". Level limit 30.
Newbie Playground
LQ23 "Liberate newbies".
Newbie taskmaster
LQ26 "Jarear's assignments".
Nithem's dungeon
The actual area of Nithem the Lich, only accessible through special means.
Nocilis Valley
AQ "Treasuries of the Nocilis Valley".
Norse cave
AQ "The Living Cave".
Observatory Foyer
Unfinished area, has one room of explore.
LQ16 "Statue"
Old Copper Mine
AQ "White Pudding".
Old Oak Forest
LQ21 "Help the hobbit".
Orc Samurai
LQ62 "Challenge Kurya".
AQ "Find Frex Frox".
Paladin Stronghold
Has level limit 40 for most parts. AQ "Paladin stronghold".
Peacock Farm
Loosely based on X-Files (TV-series) episode "Home" (S04 E02).
LQ28 "Robes of Time" and AQ "Shrouds of darkness".
Plateau of Tsang (CLOSED)
This location is closed.
Priest (deso)
Evil priest guild trainer.
Priest (lae)
Evil priest guild trainer.
Priest (luc)
Evil priest guild trainer.
Priest (roth)
Evil priest guild trainer.
Priest guild special place
No idea what this is, or if it is even functional.
Public Gardens
Each room of the garden always provides same herb, good for alchs.
AQ "Amulet".
This location is closed.
Rainbow Cloak
LQ27 "Colours".
Ranger (deso)
Ranger guild trainer.
Ranger (furn)
Ranger guild trainer.
Ranger (luc)
Ranger guild trainer.
Ranger (roth)
Ranger guild trainer.
Red Hawk
Extremely dangerous.
Red Tides village
AQ "Sweet dreams".
AQ "Frozen valley".
Riftwalker cave
The actual riftwalker guild location hovers around the lake nearby.
Main city of Furnachia.
LQ85 "Flying Citadel". The actual location of the citadel is somewhere around Rilynttar.
School of Lumine
AQ "Rescue Hannah's parents". Soft level-limited to lvl55 by a blocking monster.
LQ25 "Save Secladin village". Soft level-limited to lvl30 by a blocking monster.
Main city of Rothikgen.
Extremely dangerous.
Snotling farm
Ggr's comment: PUUH.
Snow devils
LQ55 "The Mythical Frostblade".
St. Patric's Abbey
LQ20 "St. Patric's abbey".
LQ46 "Return the chest".
LQ61 "Stonehenge".
Was the first 'new' type of player guild/secret society to have been created.
AQ "The Lost Staff".
LQ53 "Shamanic deed". Expanded by Orgoh 13.05.2003.
AQ "Free Tarackia".
Temple of Aljerak
Blitzkrieg event temple, a temporary location.
Temple of Chaos
Related to the infamous 'new Lords of Chaos' guild.
Temple of Las
Nun guild training location.
Tiburcio's Tower
A very old area, originally by Marley, removed and then converted by Cyberman in 1996.
Tiki bar
LQ 68 "A Pirate's Vengeance" and AQ "Tiki Bar Makeover".
Tree Navigators
Old guild, recoded and opened by Zin.
Troglodyte Hut
AQ "The lost troglodyte rod".
Troglodyte Village
AQ "The lost troglodyte rod".
Merri's expansion was introduced 28.09.2004.
Tyr Farwyn
AQ "Moonlight Murders", AQ "Competing architects".
AQ "Farmer in dire need"
Valley of Silence
LQ49 "Ivory Blades" and AQ "Mastery of Magic". Also known as "Castle Halberdheath".
Valley of the Kings
LQ88 "The Valley of the Kings".
Vendace Shore
AQ "Vendace Shore"
Village of Shrea
AQ "Alchemist's dilemma". Is actually three areas.
Village of Stouby
Level limited to lvl50. LQ32 "Wicked Witch".
LQ38 "Vulcan".
Wind Tower
Part of AQ "Four Elements".
Windshriek forest
AQ "Help the Windshriek harpies defeat the loggers" and AQ "Help Langdale loggers defeat the harpies"
Wrebie forest
Old area, reopened now. The area seems to be divided to "separate" parts - forest and castle.
Wrecked ship hull
Starting location of Age of Exiles.
Xoff's gaming den
Phylactery Event 2022
Zonni Swamp
LQ65 "Rescue Lady". Home of the infamous Burglefloogah, supposedly inspired by Lewis Carroll's "Jabberwocky".
Zoy's Inn
LQ24 "Zoy's Inn".
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