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Certainly one of the major contributors in the current BatWorld, Melemkor's work spans throughout the game; implementation and maintenance of the new sailor guilds and ships in general being just one part of his repertoire. Besides those, he is also the mastermind behind shipquests, though some of the work was delegated to other wizards (Malack, Hablo, etc.)

Last, but certainly not least, we should mention his involvement with the great continent tune, which moved us into the Age of Exiles. Melemkor was the major architect behind this major change, although many other wizards also worked on the new content.

Melemkor speaks: "Thanks for playing :) Some of my projects have been really popular, others have had decidedly mixed opinions; I hope things have generally worked out well, but it's always keeping things exciting for the players that keeps me coding.".



Hamlet of Windham | Windham
Laenor fort | Laenor fortress



West wharf


Harbour | Shipyard
Navigators of the sea
Silver lake | Silverlake


Temple to the Winds


07 Dec 2006

12 locations.

FERRY/Hamlet of Windham
Desolathya ferry
Laenor ferry dock. AQ "Ferry".
LQ25 "Save Secladin village". Soft level-limited to lvl30 by a blocking monster.
Wrecked ship hull
Starting location of Age of Exiles.
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