Locations of BatMUD by Sai

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Sai (aka Nightbld)

Gained infamy as a thief / player castle raider as a mortal, stealing contents of thousands of chests. Was also accused of cheating and abusing bugs. It may thus be no surprise that he became a wizard, several times.

As a wizard he has worked on many smaller tunes, including tuning the Lich race, and converted some areas.

Wizard plaque (of Nightbld): "Famous for the incomprehensible name and the inane Newbie forest area. Remorted and cheated with exp and money buttons."

[Finger] [FIN]



Hells dojo
Oct 1997



4 locations.

Catfolk shipyard
AQ "Catfolk shipyard". Wizard Hackathon 2015 project area.
Hell's dojo
LQ67 "Help lady Elberiel". Converted by Sai and reopened 07.09.2005.
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