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Swedish wizard, and a creator of several rather popular areas, most of which are currently (since late 2006) not in the game. It has been mentioned, that the areas will be back "soon". Souc has also authored events (hiking) and commands.

List of the areas not reinstated (as of August 2011): Nishapur (based on a book), Frog Pond, Rudraprayag (home of LQ42, based on a book) and Refuse Dump (expanded by Henri in 2003).

Also Wrebies was previously converted by Souc, but was recoded by Grizzt in September 2010.

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Anaconda's Ruins | Ruins
Dec 1995


Attic | Noran's castle
Aug 1991

2 locations.

Anaconda Ruins
Originally by Anaconda, recoded by Souc.
Noran's Attic
Originally by Noran, recoded by Souc in early 1998.
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