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One of the BatMUD's "God"-level wizards. Creator of the feared Great Northern Swamps aka Zonni Swamp and the infamous eq-monster Burglefloogah. Was known for his unparalled cruelty towards players, in the good old times.

Was retired and offline for many years until returning suddenly in early August 2008. Was demoted to Avatar in Oct 2008 by joint decision of the archwizards mainly due to his attitude towards players and changed policies of BatMUD administration.

Mon Oct 13 12:01:40 2008 [general] by Gore
The cosmic vortex shifts, and an old god who had recently awoken from its slumber has lost its power.

Neverthless, Zonni's status as a legendary wizard of BatMUD was undeniable, and references to him can be found all around in the game.

He passed away in December 2011. May he rest in peace.

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The Great Northern Swamps
Feb 1994

1 locations.

Zonni swamps
LQ65 "Rescue Lady". Home of the infamous Burglefloogah, supposedly inspired by Lewis Carroll's "Jabberwocky". Area originally by Zonni, recoded by Shadowjack in August 1997.